"Organic Squeeze gives others access to all the things we as a family wish we had known and had the access to years ago. The opportunity for education and prevention in our state and nation drive us to give our customers the very best."

As Oklahoma City's premier plant-based juice and smoothie bar, we pledge to serve non-GMO juices and smoothies all the time. Why? Because we know that this way is better. Better for you. Better for the earth. Just better.

We also know that it has to taste good. Really good. So we ensure the best product by choosing pure, organic produce, and without adding extra sugar or other enhancers. We’ve researched and recipe-tested to bring you best tasting product that’s good for you in every way.

So whether you grab a bottle to go for lunch or just pick up a healthy treat for the kids, at Organic Squeeze you're drinking life at its purest.


Join Our Team!

We are always on the search for our next juiceologist. Organic Squeeze prides itself in finding the right person to help be a brand ambassador at one of our locations. Passionate, health-conscious individuals help bring the spirit of Organic Squeeze alive. We would love to hear about you and see if you could be part of our Squeeze family.

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Deserve A Squeeze

We all know someone in our community that could use some appreciation. Organic Squeeze wants to celebrate these awesome people with a Deserve-A-Squeeze.

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